Collagen Whitening Miracle


Collagen Whitening Miracle stimulates skin’s metabolism. It enhances moisture and suppleness naturally after each application. It hydrates and refines the surface to boost skin’s natural, healthy looking glow. It also helps to diminish discoloration to improve one’s overall skin tone. Besides that, it whitens skin contrasts expanded pores. It balances, the PH level of the skin and also softens and brightens rough skin tone that is damaged by UV rays and environmental pollution.



Q10 Coenzyme, Soybean Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Natto Extract, Aloe Extract, Elacin, Allantoin, Burdock Extract, Calendula Extract, PropylParaben, D.I Water



Apply a suitable amount over entire face and neck area after emulsion. Massage into the skin from inside out. You may also gently massage the facial area by lifting facial contour upwards from lower face towards temple areas. It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.