Snowy Whiteness Cleansing Milk


Delivering multiple functions in one application, this nutrient-enriched milk is swift in removing dirt, dead skin cells and makeup. Gentle in preserving skin’s natural equilibrium. Impurities vanish, skin brightened, the user will notice an instant boost of skin translucence. Containing a combination of natural moisturizer, essential amino acid and vitamins, skin cells are able to repair themselves more rapidly and readily. The texture is restored to a beautifully luminous, velvet and smooth state.



Wheat Germ Oil, Aloe, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Dihydric Alcohol, Preservative and Deionized Water



Every morning and evening, smooth over face and neck. Massage into skin to dissolve dead skin cells, makeup and impurities. Remove with a cotton pad soaked with lukewarm water. Pat dry. Follow up with Delicate Intense Purifying Cleanser facial wash.